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Dentures are false teeth that replace missing teeth. They are made mostly of plastic and can be removable or fixed depending on the pattern of your tooth loss. There are two types of dentures; partial and full.

If you have healthy teeth remaining, partial dentures may be a great option. Your natural teeth will help retain your jaw bone, acting as supports for bridges, over-dentures, and partial dentures that are removable. Partial dentures replace only the teeth that are missing.

Complete dentures are used to replace all of the teeth, and will be carefully molded to match your existing jaw bone. Due to advances in dental technology, dentures have vastly improved over time.

Dentures can now be fitted so that they look natural, feel comfortable and help you maintain your health. If you have lost several or all of your teeth due to periodontal disease, accident, or illness, you may be considering dentures to replace your missing teeth. The extent of your tooth loss will dictate which type of denture you need, and Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry can help you make this decision.

Full Dentures

Complete dentures replace all of your teeth and cover your entire jaw. They rest directly on your gums. When you arrive to get your dentures, it will be the first of several appointments. The dentist will take impressions of your mouth, choosing the shape and size of the appliance and the teeth themselves. With each successive appointment, adjustments and fitting will make the dentures more and more comfortable.

If possible, the dentist will try to keep any healthy remaining teeth. If teeth can be retained, the dentures are over-dentures, and the underlying teeth will maintain the bone, support the denture, and bear some of the pressure of chewing. Natural teeth can also help to anchor the dentures, reducing the shifting that can occur.

If you haven’t retained any of your natural teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implant supported dentures. Dental implants can give you an artificial root, similar to the roots that your natural teeth have. If you are able to support dental implants within your jaw bone, your denture will fit directly on the implants.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are just like they sound, they cover the part of your jaw that has missing teeth. Partial dentures come in two types; removable and fixed. Removable partial dentures are attached to existing natural teeth covered in crowns. They are typically attached via metal clasps or a metal framework.

Fixed dentures are a great option if you have nearby healthy teeth that can support the structure. Fixed partial dentures are permanently adhered to surrounding teeth. They are cemented in place and can look like natural teeth.

What is the denture process like?

If you need to have teeth extracted, you won’t be able to begin the process until your mouth is completely healed, which could take up to four weeks. If you haven’t had all of your teeth extracted, we will probably give you a temporary dental appliance until we’re able to take denture impressions. After your mouth has had time to recover and heal, you will come in and have your first appointment.

If you have a picture of yourself smiling, bring it to your first appointment so the dentist can see your natural teeth. You and the dentist will decide on the tooth size you’d like for your denture. The size of the teeth can depend on several factors, including your jaw size, your mouth, and how your jaws come together when you bite. A picture can help your dentist choose a denture that fits naturally with you.

The dentist will then make an impression of your mouth. We’ll send the impression to the dental lab along with any pictures you’ve brought. The lab will then make your dentures and send them back. We’ll have you come into the office, so the dentist can see how the dentures fit. Once you determine they are comfortable and you can eat and talk well, we can finish the denture process.

Wearing dentures is different from having natural teeth. You may find that you speak or chew differently, and you may have to cut your food into smaller pieces. There are some foods that you will no longer be able to eat. Your dentist will make any adjustments needed as time goes on, so we can make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. If you’re interested in dentures, contact Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry today!

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