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Are Dentures Easy to Wear?

Are Dentures Easy to Wear?

Are Dentures Easy to WearYes, dentures are very easy to wear, especially after the initial adjustment period. With both traditional and permanent dentures, you simply take them out each night for cleaning and replace them in the morning. The main difference with permanent dentures is that they are retained in your jaw by dental implants, so they feel and function like natural teeth.

In the early phases of wearing your dentures, you may have trouble eating or speaking, but as you get used to your new dentures, your chewing and talking will improve. To make the transition easier, you can practice eating with soft foods first then work your way up to harder foods. You can practice your speaking too. Talk in front of a mirror, read aloud or sing to help regain confidence when you speak. Keep in mind it may only take a few days of good practice to overcome your eating limitations and the ability to speak clearly again.
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