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General Dentistry

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Family Dentistry

General Dentistry Services

Regular dental visits are an important part of maintaining your oral health. Having regular examinations and cleanings not only treats current conditions and keeps your teeth white but they also help prevent any future problems from occurring — like cavities or gum disease. In fact, your oral health is a key indicator of your overall health. If you have poor oral health, you likely have other health problems. People with poor oral health have been linked to more serious medical conditions. If you’re interested in having your teeth examined and professionally cleaned, Lewis & Family Implant Dentistry is here. We provide quality and affordable family dentistry services. From infants to seniors, our experienced dentist will provide your entire family with the specialized dental care their teeth need.

We provide all general dentistry services, including wisdom teeth extractions and crowns as well as restorative dental services like dental implants and dentures. We will restore your mouth to give you the dazzling smile you deserve!

Biannual Dental Cleanings and Exams

Regardless of how often you brush and floss, plaque can still build up on your teeth. Regular exams and dental cleanings by a professional dentist can help maintain and preserve your teeth, improving your overall oral health. We want to help you maintain good oral health so we’ll also provide you with preventive general dentistry tips like the best way to brush and floss.

How Often Do You Need a Dental Exam?

We recommend you have your teeth cleaned and examined by your dentist every 6 months. Tartar and plaque can buildup even with regular brushing and flossing. Seeing your dentist will help prevent cavities and help make sure you don’t have any underlying issues going on with your teeth or gums. We can also help brighten your smile by removing stains caused by coffee, tea, wine or other substances.

Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

Around 35,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Men, tobacco smokers, heavy drinkers, and people over the age of 60 are most at risk of oral cancer. The best way to prevent oral cancer is with early detection and treatment. Our family dentistry provides regular oral cancer screenings every 6 months. These screenings are pain-free and they only take a few minutes– we look for unusual lumps, discoloration, and other abnormalities. Simply let our dental hygienists know you’re interested in having an oral cancer screening and they can perform it during your regular cleaning. If anything unusual is detected, we may refer you for specialized testing.

Family Dentistry Appointments

Serving Patients in Vancouver WA

It’s easy to schedule an initial appointment or request a consultation with Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry! We are always accepting new patients and we’d love to hear from you. We are compassionate, friendly, and completely committed to providing you with the best oral health care. We accept many dental insurance plans and if finances are a problem, we can provide you with dental financial assistance. We look forward to serving you and your general dentistry needs!

General Dentistry Practice

Our dental office is dedicated to quality oral health for everyone in your family. From attending to the pediatric needs of young children to recommending denture solutions, we have your family’s dental care covered!

When your family has a dedicated dentist, everything about your dental care will be in one office. This makes scheduling appointments and procedures that much easier! We’ll be able to care for your family long-term, making sure we track and mitigate any oral health issues that may arise.

We use modern dental technology in all of our procedures, making sure your family gets the best dental care services.

Custom Dental Bridges and Dentures

A bridge is an excellent way to replace one or more missing teeth and they can be more affordable than having implants. We use bridge materials that are strong and durable. And with good at-home dental care, a bridge can last for many years. Daily flossing between the bridge and the gum area will keep the area clean and healthy.

Dentures are another affordable option for our patients who are missing teeth due to decay, illness, or injury. A denture can be made to fit over the gum lines and can be created as a partial or full dental appliance. While traditional dentures are designed to be removable, we can now offer permanently affixed dentures as well! The end result is a set of artificial teeth that look attractive, feel like natural teeth, and effectively correct eating and speaking issues associated with missing teeth.

Experience You Can Count On

At Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry, we have over a decade of experience in general and family dentistry. We work closely with each patient to develop a complete dental plan for the optimum health of their teeth and gums. Caring for our patient’s smiles using advanced dental technology and high-quality dental health care services is our priority. We are focused on offering comprehensive preventative and restorative care to ensure beautiful and healthy smiles.

Let Us Answer Your Dental Questions

State of the Art General Dentistry

Dentists In Vancouver WA and Clark County

Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology to help provide us with precise diagnoses and treatment. We are one of the most trusted dental offices offering comprehensive family dentistry services. Whether you need a routine checkup or root canal therapy, we can provide you with the best services in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Dr. Ryan Lewis is our local family dentist who provides dental care with a personal touch. Together with an outstanding staff, we offer the premium dental services that you and your family deserve.

Comfortable and Caring Dental Office

As a general practice dentist who works with patients of all ages, you can trust that Dr. Lewis will take great care of your smile. His warm and caring approach will put you at ease while you receive the best quality dental care in a relaxing environment. Our full range of dental services are available for both adults and children. They include dental cleanings, extractions, sealants, root canals, dental implants, and many more.

General Dentistry in Vancouver WA and Clark County WA

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