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My Teeth are Falling Out, What Should I Do?

My Teeth Are Falling Out, What Should I Do?

If you notice that your teeth are beginning to loosen or fall out, it’s crucial to take immediate action and seek assistance from your dentist. Saving your teeth is a top priority, and your dentist can play a vital role in determining the underlying cause of your tooth loss and providing appropriate solutions for restoring your oral health. There are several treatment options available, including dentures, dental implants, and bridges, which your dentist can discuss with you based on your specific situation.

Are My Teeth Falling Out?

To detect the signs that your teeth are in danger of falling out, there are certain indicators you can be aware of. One common sign is increased tooth mobility or shifting. If you notice your teeth becoming loose or shifting position, it’s essential to address this issue promptly. Additionally, persistent gum inflammation, bleeding gums, or the presence of pus around the teeth can be signs of gum disease, which may ultimately lead to tooth loss if left untreated. Chronic toothaches, recurrent infections, or abscesses are also indicators that your teeth may be at risk.

At What Age Do Adults Start Losing Teeth?

Teeth can fall out for various reasons, with the most prevalent cause being gum disease and tooth decay. However, other factors such as genetics, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, poor nutrition, smoking, and even accidents can contribute to tooth loss. That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize proper oral care and maintain good oral hygiene practices.

The age at which adults may start losing their teeth can vary. While it is more common for tooth loss to occur as people age, it can happen at any time due to various reasons, as mentioned earlier. It’s important to remember that with proper dental care and preventive measures, you can maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible, regardless of your age.

Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry is Here for You

Remember, teeth are intended to last a lifetime with proper care, but there are various factors that can compromise their health and stability. By maintaining regular dental check-ups, practicing good oral hygiene, and promptly addressing any signs of trouble, you can significantly reduce the risk of tooth loss. Your dentist with Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry is your ally in preserving your smile, so don’t hesitate to seek their professional advice and assistance if you suspect your teeth may be in jeopardy. Contact us today to preserve your smile for a lifetime.

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My teeth are falling out, what should I do? in Vancouver WA and Clark County WA

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