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Will Dental Implants Fall Out?

Will Dental Implants Fall Out?

Will Dental Implants Fall OutDental implants are permanent, they should not fall out. In fact, before a dentist surgically places them, they ensure a patient is a perfect candidate who has sufficient bone so the implants can last them for the rest of their life. However, while rare, there are instances where implants have become loose and fallen out. This is typically due to bone loss, infection or gum disease.

If you believe your dental implants are becoming loose or you’re experiencing pain and inflammation, contact your dentist immediately before your implant does fall out. They’ll be able to determine the exact reason why your implant is becoming loose or if its the implant at all. Loose crowns are more likely to become loose than dental implants.

This is why it’s important to practice good oral hygiene and see your dentist at least every three to six months after you’ve had your dental implants.
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