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Do They Sedate You for Dental Implants?

Do They Sedate You for Dental Implants?

Do they sedate you for dental implantsYes, most patients are sedated before their dental implant procedure, because it is so invasive. But it also comes down to how many implants you’re having placed. If only a couple will be installed, your dentist may opt for a local anesthetic instead. A local anesthetic will numb the area, so you’ll still be conscious but you won’t feel any pain. Regardless, your dentist will offer you some kind of anesthetic to ensure you’re safe and comfortable during your procedure.

Determining the Anesthetic

There are different forms of anesthesia that can be used during your implant procedure. Some may be more necessary than others, depending on how many implants you’re receiving, your health, and your comfort level. For example, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or an IV may be used if bone grafts are necessary or if you’re having a full mouth of dental implants installed. To learn more about which anesthetic is right for you, talk with your dentist. They have a better understanding of your health and the procedures you’ll be undergoing.
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Do they sedate you for dental implants? in Vancouver WA and Clark County WA

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