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Dental Prosthetics In Vancouver WA from Lewis Family and Implant DentistryDental prosthetics are one way to replace missing teeth and they can be either temporary or permanent. During the final step of the dental implant process, we will place dental implant prosthetics customized for your face and mouth. In the meantime, while your implant is healing, we will place a temporary prosthetic. When the time comes for the third and final restoration step in the dental implant process, we will remove the temporary dental prosthetic and replace it with a permanent bridge or crown. The final dental prosthetics for dental implants are typically permanent and non-removable.

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Dental Prosthetics Types

  • Dental Crowns: Materials include both porcelain and ceramic, although they can also be composed of acrylic, differing metals, and even gold.
    • The porcelain and ceramic options can be customized to match the nature color of your teeth.
    • Customized for your face and jaw, crowns look and function just like real teeth.
    • Dental crowns are used to remedy a variety of dental issues, but for dental implants the crown is placed on the end of the implant. 
  • Tooth Bridges:  These are available in a variety of materials and are designed to fill in the gaps left from missing teeth.
    • Just like dental crowns, they are also created in a dental lab.
    • The bridge is either permanently attached to two anchor teeth, or attached via clasps.
    • Designed to match the natural color of your teeth.
  • Dentures: Unlike conventional removable dentures, this type of denture is permanent.
    • This is a good choice for patients missing all or most of their teeth.
    • These dentures are permanently placed on the teeth supported by dental implants.
    • They function just like natural teeth and will give you the confidence you have been seeking.
    • Manufactured in a specialized dental lab, implant-supported dentures fit your face perfectly.

How Long Do Dental Prosthetics Last?

If you maintain regular oral hygiene, your dental appliance has the potential to last a lifetime. Excellent oral hygiene habits are crucial for getting maximum longevity. Without proper oral hygiene, you may develop gum disease and other oral issues. These complications can cause your dental prosthetic to loosen or even fall out. Although we recommend every patient practice good dental hygiene, it’s even more important when you have any kind of artificial tooth. Especially scheduled dental cleanings. We also discourage eating hard foods, using your teeth to open or tear material, and other activities that could potentially damage your prosthetic.

Are Dental Implant Prosthetics Right for You?

Should you get dental prosthetics? The best way to determine the best option for you is to schedule a consultation. For more information about the dental implant prosthetics offered by Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry, contact us today! Our caring staff is ready and available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Call now to schedule your consultation, or schedule online today.

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