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Are Dentures Comfortable?

Are Dentures Comfortable?

Are Dentures ComfortableWhen you first receive your dentures, you may experience minor discomfort and/ or irritation -- you may even gag. This is completely normal, but after a few weeks, you’ll become acclimated to your dentures and you’ll no longer experience pain. You may have seen or heard about someone’s dentures falling straight out of their mouth. Dentures have a stigma of being very fake-looking and uncomfortable, but technology has come a long way in making dentures very secure and comfortable.

Will Dentures Hurt?

Muscle soreness in the mouth and minor irritation is completely normal for both first-time denture-wearers and those who are getting a new set. If you’ve had tooth extractions, then immediately had your dentures inserted, you may especially feel some soreness as your gums haven’t had time to heal. Around two-weeks to a month, most of your soreness should be gone.

Proper Fit Leads to Comfort

The main reason traditional dentures cause pain or discomfort is because of their fit. If dentures are poorly fit, they may slide back and forth or add uneven pressure to your gums. This uneven pressure and sliding will not only cause pain and irritation but will also accelerate bone loss. Without natural teeth, your body will begin to remove the bone in your jaw that used to support your teeth. This is why if you wear traditional, removable dentures, you may need to have them adjusted occasionally. While your dentist may already monitoring your dentures, if you feel discomfort or movement with them, you’ll want to contact them. They’ll be able to diagnose what exactly is going on and adjust them if needed.

Fixed Dentures can Provide the Most Comfort

The best way to reduce gum pain associated with denture movement and positioning is by selecting fixed dentures. This is because fixed dentures don’t rest on the gums. They are held in place by dental implants which are surgically placed in your jawbone. Fixed dentures are not only exceptionally secure, they function like real teeth, and are designed to last a lifetime. They also preserve jawbone health. You shouldn’t experience any pain from fixed, implant-supported dentures.
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