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Can Missing Teeth Affect Your Speech?

Can Missing Teeth Affect Your Speech?

Yes, missing teeth can affect your speech. In order to pronounce words properly, your lips, teeth, and tongue need to be in the correct position. Missing teeth can make it difficult to form certain sounds or words, including the word “teeth”.

Which Teeth Affect Speech?

Though all of your teeth can play a role in your ability to speak, your front teeth have the biggest impact on your speech. For example, your upper front teeth make contact with your lip to form sounds like “th”, “f”, and “v”. Similarly, lower front teeth help to form sounds like “s” and “z”. If any of those front teeth are missing, you find it difficult to form certain words.

Can Missing Teeth Affect Your Speech?

Should I Be Worried About Speech Problems After Dental Work?

It’s normal to experience some speech problems immediately after dental work, and you generally don’t need to be worried. Most of these problems are caused by swelling, which will go down within a few hours or days. Other times, you just need a bit of time to adjust to the new layout of your mouth – especially if you had teeth removed or implants added. 

That said, if you are experiencing discomfort or ongoing speech problems, it’s best to discuss your concerns directly with your dentist. A professional will be able to look at what’s going on to determine if the issue will resolve over time or if you need additional work.

What Should I Do if My Missing Teeth are Impacting My Speaking Ability?

If you are struggling to speak due to missing teeth, you should speak with a dentist about dental implants. These devices are designed to look and function like natural teeth. Dental implants connect to your jawbone using a titanium root, and they can last for a lifetime. If you have multiple missing teeth, you can also use implants to support crowns or dentures. 

Looking to restore your teeth with dental implants? Give Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry a call! Whether you have one missing tooth or several, we will help create a solution that fits your needs and budget. We also offer emergency appointments for when you need help fast. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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