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Will Dentures Fix My Overbite?

Will Dentures Fix My Overbite?

Will Dentures Fix My OverbiteIf you have a natural overbite, a properly designed denture can fix it to some extent. If your teeth don’t properly close together when you bite down, you may have an overbite. Slight overbites are common, most of us have them. It’s just the way your jaw naturally aligns. Dentures can fix minor overbites and underbites, but invasive measures may be necessary for more severe overbite cases.

The Limitations of Dentures

Your dentist can design your dentures and angle the teeth in such a way that minimizes your overbite. But keep in mind, dentures have to fit over the ridges in your mouth where your natural teeth used to be, limiting the amount of correction dentists can make. In fact, attempting to correct the overbite extensively can actually make your face appear awkward looking.

How Can Dentures Cause an Overbite?

Your dentist will monitor your dentures to ensure there are no issues with them. If over time, you find it difficult to bite down comfortably, your dentures might not fit correctly anymore. In this instance, it’s important to make an appointment with your dentist. They’ll be able to diagnose the issue, and if you are developing an overbite because of an ill-fitting denture, they’ll be able to make some adjustments to them to help.

How Fixed Dentures can Help with Overbite

Removable dentures are not secure enough to reposition your jaw. With fixed dentures however, the false teeth are secured with dental implants. This allows the dentures to be designed to correct any teeth that don’t properly touch. With constant encouragement of these implants and teeth, your jaw will eventually close together properly. Even with fixed dentures, there are limits. If there is a significant size difference between your upper jaw and lower jaw or if your lower jaw is severely retruded, surgery may be necessary.
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