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Can Dentures Look Good?

Can Dentures Look Good?

Can Dentures Look GoodOf course! Today’s dentures are designed to have a very natural appearance so there is no reason they shouldn’t look good. There are different types of dentures and factors to consider including their shape, color, and size. During your consultation, your dentist will offer you some recommendations before fitting you for your dentures so you can have a smile you desire.

Choosing Your Denture Shade

The shade of your dentures plays an important role in how natural they look and your denture specialist is there to make sure they’re best suited for you. To help make your dentures look as close to your natural teeth as possible, it’s often helpful to provide your dentist with a photo of what you looked like before or a photo of what you’re looking for. You may also want to take a friend along with you for added support and recommendations. In addition to the denture shade, the base they’re fitted on can also be closely matched to your gum shade, to make them fit seamlessly with the rest of your mouth.

Getting Proper Fitting Dentures

For many first-time denture wearers, it may take weeks before you become accustomed to your new dentures. You may even gag at first. This is perfectly normal, some large foreign object is now in your mouth. Eventually, the muscles in your cheek and your tongue will work together to hold your dentures in place. Your dentist will advise you on how you can ensure your dentures fit correctly and comfortably.

Maintaining Your Dentures

Another important factor in how your dentures look is maintenance. Just like you would care for your natural teeth on a daily basis, your dentures should also be taken care of daily. Depending if you have fixed dentures, partials or removable dentures, the way you care for your dentures will differ. Your dentist will offer you advice on the best way to clean and care for your dentures so they can continue to look their best.
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