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Oral Cancer Screening In Vancouver WA from Lewis Family and Implant Dentistry

The goal of an oral cancer screening is for early identification of possible irregular or cancerous growths. When oral cancer is caught early, there’s a greater chance of a cure. The National Cancer Institute has estimated that each year, 40,000 people are diagnosed with mouth or throat cancer in the United States alone. Of these diagnosed patients, approximately 8,000 will result in death.

At Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry, we want each and every patient of ours to have a healthy smile. We offer oral cancer examinations to support your oral health and well-being.

Oral Cancer Examination Process

During the screening, your dentist will check the inside of your mouth for sores, discoloration, red patches, or white patches. Using gloves, he will feel the tissues in your mouth, checking for any abnormal tissue formation or lumps. We check your entire mouth, including your lips, tongue, cheek tissue, gums, under the tongue, the hard palate in the roof of your mouth, and your throat. If we find any unusual discoloration, sores, or lesions, we may recommend you get further testing.

We’ll also ask you about your health history, recording your information within your file. Regular visits can help ensure that any suspicious changes or abnormalities will be caught early.

Factors Involved with Oral Cancer

While it’s not possible to predict cancer, there are factors that can increase the risk of oral cancer, including tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and a history or oral cancer within your family.

Symptoms of oral or throat cancer can include:

  • Painful, numb, or tender spots.
  • Any scabbed area.
  • Sores that won’t to heal.
  • Thick or hard lumps. 
  • Changes in your bite.

Make sure to tell your dentist if you have problems using your mouth during normal daily behavior, including speaking, chewing, swallowing, or moving your tongue or jaw.

Oral Cancer and Your Regular Dentist

At our practice, our team of professionals take the time to understand your needs and concerns, making sure we answer or investigate any issue you bring to our attention. We want to make sure your smile stays healthy for many years!

The dentists at Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry are caring and highly trained dental professionals. From good hygiene habits to thorough oral cancer exams, we will care for every aspect of your dental health. Contact our office today if you have any concerns about suspicious growths or sores in your mouth.

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