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Missing teeth can be stressful or even cause embarrassment, depending on the location of the tooth or teeth. Your teeth can affect your confidence, self-esteem, ability to chew food, and even present challenges for your speech. If your missing teeth are affecting your lifestyle or sense of confidence, you may want to consider implant supported dentures! Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry can schedule a consultation with you, so we can determine if implant supported dentures are the right fit for your situation.

Here at Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry, we specialize in the placement of dental implants. We work with denturists and dental prosthetics experts that specialize in creating custom fit dentures.

Permanent Dentures Can Replace Teeth Completely

Because of how they’re made and how they’re placed, implant supported dentures can give you the full functionality and beauty of a perfect smile. This dental procedure will replace all of your natural teeth, giving you back the confidence you once had in your smile.

Dental implants can take the place of your lost teeth and the roots, not just cover a missing space like partial dentures. The recent advances in dental technology have made it possible for us to fully replace your natural teeth with an appliance that will look, feel, and function just like teeth. Not only can implant supported dentures replace your teeth effectively, but they also are incredibly durable and long-lasting!

Traditional Dentures vs Permanent Dentures

Dental implant dentures have many advantages over traditional dentures. Permanent dentures that are supported by implants are non-removable, so they can function just like natural teeth. With implant supported dentures, your speaking, eating, and other oral functions can be completely restored to normal.

Implant supported dentures are also far more comfortable than conventional dentures. With conventional dentures, eating certain foods is impossible. With implant dentures, this will not be an issue–you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods!

Permanent Dentures Protect the Jaw Bone

Because implant supported dentures stimulate the jaw bone, your bone loss will be halted. Traditional dentures cannot stop bone loss, and jaw loss is common among traditional denture wearers, giving faces a caved-in look. Implant supported dentures protect the integrity of the jaw bone, preventing the loss of the jaw bone that can occur with the use of conventional dentures.

Implant Supported Dentures Can Last a Lifetime

Unlike traditional dentures, permanent dentures supported by implants are designed to last a lifetime. Permanent dentures also tend to look better, because they don’t move around in the mouth, don’t fall out, and don’t need messy pastes to keep them in place. You will be able to completely rely on your implant supported dentures, just as if they were your own natural teeth.

Should I choose implant supported dentures?

When you come in for your first consultation, the expert dentists at Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry can help you to determine your best option for dentures. We’ll evaluate the overall health and condition of any existing teeth, your gums, and your jaw bone. We can find the right denture solution for you!

We encourage you to take advantage of our implant denture consultation. Don’t hesitate and schedule your appointment today, so you can begin the implant supported denture process and gain your smile back!

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