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Can Dental Implants be Removed?

Can Dental Implants be Removed?

Can Dental Implants be RemovedYour dentist can remove a dental implant if absolutely necessary. Dental implants are permanent and designed to last a lifetime. So, only if your dentist has determined it should come out, your implant will stay in your mouth.

Reasons for Dental Implant Removal

Below are some common reasons your dentist may recommend dental implant removal.
  • To change its position: for example, if the implant is near a sinus cavity or nerve.
  • Early implant failure: dental implants can fail early on during the healing process because of infection, failure to properly osseointegrate, or too much movement. In these cases, because the implant has not fused with the bone, your dentist can easily remove the implant.
  • Late implant failure: late dental implant failures can occur a year out from your surgery to years later whether from infection or force.
Keep in mind, dental implant failure is rare. Only around 5% to 10% of patients experience it. And the leading cause of failure is poor oral hygiene. If you believe you’re experiencing dental implant failure, talk with your dentist for an accurate diagnosis.
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