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Are you at risk for cavities?

Would you like to learn if you are at risk for future cavities, and how to prevent them before they develop? With new dental technology, we can assess your risk! We can measure the levels of certain bacteria that cause cavities to develop and build a prevention plan that goes beyond brushing and flossing. Call Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry today to schedule your assessment!

Caries Risk Assessment In Vancouver WA from Lewis Family and Implant Dentist

Dental Caries and Tooth Decay

Dental caries is the scientific term for the tooth decay that can create a hole or cavity. Tooth decay is caused by the acids created by bacteria. This bacterial acid causes soft spots on your enamel, dentin, and cementum, forming a permanent hole–a cavity. The bacteria needs to be fully cleaned out of the cavity, and the hole should always be filled to prevent further decay.

What is a Caries Risk Assessment?

We can use a bacterial test that assesses your caries risk. This test identifies how much oral bacteria is present, and whether the bacteria levels are within the normal range. We’ll also ask you how you care for your teeth, and it’s important to be fully transparent with your dentist. If we can evaluate the bacteria levels in your mouth, and work with you to develop or alter your daily oral health routine, we may be able to prevent cavities from forming.

Ask Your Dentist About Caries Risk Assessment

At Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry, we believe that prevention is better than a cure! We work with each of our patients to support, guide, and recommend the best dental solutions for every situation. If you’re interested in being assessed for cavities, contact Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry today!

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